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(Of Many Trades)


An ncurses based app for organizing, browsing, and reading ebooks.


An ncurses based app for organizing, browsing, and launching games.


Several shell scripts that together form a primative "social network"

Currently supports

Soon to have


a (super simple) BBS. Currently functional, but always improving.

TechNoir - A Cyberpunk dystopia MUD. (coming soon!)

Of Many Trades Web

A suite of web apps applications that will allow browser based access to the Of Many Trades services.


An app for iOS and Android that provides access to the most common Of Many Trades services.


Jupiter's Ghost

I wrote six episodes of a podcast called "Jupiter's Ghost" which is currently in production.I hope to release it in 2017.

Game Console

I manufacture a couple of different styles of Raspberry Pi and Chip based Game Consoles, complete with custom launchers and a small selection of games not found on any other platform. Eventually, the launcher and the games will be on my Github.


I have designed, and will soon produce a Raspberry Pi based convertable Laptop/Tablet. It features a mechanical keyboard, and 6 hour battery life. I'm working on refining and documenting this.

DIY Media

Coming soon!

Computer Games!

I have a lot of sketches of games and puzzles for games in various states of implementation. Eventually, I'd like to collect the best bits in to one (or several) complete works.

Analog Revolution Magazine

Analog Revolution is a bi-monthly magazine about community media, politics, and culture.

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