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 *  Buck Rogers Conquers the Universegopher-menu
 *  Captain Americagopher-menu
 *  The first Captain America Film Serial, from all the way back in 1944.
 *  This is a 15 episode "Cliffhanger Serial."
 *  Think of it as something in between a kids TV show (before TV existed!) and a modern film.
 *  This version of the Captain is very different from the one that many of us know and love.
 *  The serial sees Captain America, District Attorney Grant Gardner, matching wits with The Scarab, museum curator Dr. Cyrus Maldor.
 *  The Scarab is trying to lay his hands on he "Dynamic Vibrator" and "Electronic Firebolt", generic super weapons.
 *  [Public Domain]
 *  Captain Midnightgopher-menu
 *  Captain Z-Rogopher-menu
 *  Dragnetgopher-menu
 *  Flash Gordongopher-menu
 *  Flash Gordon (1954)gopher-menu
 *  Life With Elizabethgopher-menu
 *  Rocky King Detectivegopher-menu
 *  Sherlock Holmesgopher-menu
 *  Space Patrol (1950)gopher-menu
 *  The Goldbergs (1950)gopher-menu
 *  The Phantomgopher-menu
 *  The Space Adventures of Flash Gordongopher-menu
 *  Tom Corbett Space Cadetgopher-menu
 *  Westinghouse Studio Onegopher-menu
 *  Zorro's Fighing Legiongopher-menu
 *  Zorro's Fighting Legiongopher-menu

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