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Geting Started on Of Many Trades

Links: Recently Updated Tildes Home Radio Gopher

Of Many Trades is a community server. The idea of shared servers has been around as long as computers have existed, but most people have never used anything like this, so this is a quick primer on what you can do, and what to expect.

This is a work in progress. When I say "this" I mean this guide, but also this server. It's an experiment. It is evolving. It needs support from people like you.

As you've gathered by now, you do stuff by typing commands and pressing enter. For example "cat somefile.txt" will display the contents of somefile.txt Here is a quick list of some useful commands (some of which are unique to this server.

Command List:

Many of these programs assume that you have a level of technical knowledge that you may or may not have. If you get stuck, or need some help, just email me. (You can do that on server by typing mutt ajroach42, and then following the prompts. If you do email me using mutt, be sure to check back for a response (by typing "mutt").

We run a standard POP and IMAP server, so you can read your Of Many Trades emails from gmail (or wherever). check here for more information on email.

If you'd prefer, you can also email me from any regular email address: Ajroach42@OfManyTrades.com

This is a work in progress. If you have questions, please let us know!

Building Web Pages

One of the things you can do while you're here is make web pages. At the moment, only HTML/CSS/JS are supported (no PHP, etc for personal pages.) If you've never made a webpage before, or if you're unsure how webpages would work on a system like this, read on.

From your home directory, try running the ls command. This will list all of the files and folders. One of those folders will be called public_html. Anything you put in the public_html directory will be visible on the internet at ofmanytrades.com/~YOURUSER/NAMEOFFILE. For example, you can see my homepage here: http://ofmanytrades.com/~ajroach42 You'll notice I didn't specify a file name. That's because, by default, the browser looks for a file called index.html.

So how do you get files in to your public_html directory?

There are many ways you could go about making your homepage. I'm going to mention a couple. If you'd like more info about any of these methods, just ask me.


This is a community server. It's here to foster and support a community. That means be nice to one another. Online communties, and particularly those whith fairly technical members, tend to become a bit exclusive. That's not what we're about here.

To put it another way, this is an inclusive community. Don't worry about asking questions, don't worry about sounding dumb. We're here to help one another. (If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, find somewhere else to hang out.)

In general, don't be shitty. Don't try to abuse the system. Be supportive, and helpful. Don't be the person that makes us develop an official policy for handling shitty people.

New Stuff!

Of Many Trades was originally launched in Nov 2016. In Nov 2017, we added some new services. A Gopher server, and an Internet Radio Station. You're encouraged to take a look at each, and, as always, reach out if you have any questions.

© CC-BY - Andrew Roach