What's all this then?

This is a cheap, unmodified computer connected to the internet. It's a community server. A place for people to build things and talk to people.

Anything you could do on a social media service you can do here (and then some) The difference is that we're not mining your data to sell to the highest bidder.


Honestly? Because I like to see people build weird stuff, and I wanted a place to communicate that wasn't being monitored by massive corporations and governments.

It's Human Scale, and non-capitalist. It also provides many tools that are cryptographically secure, and therefore resistant to surveillance.


Human Scale what now?

Tech should be easy to use, and easy to build.

Right now, it isn't. Computers are more powerful than ever before. They are cheaper and more ever present. And fewer people than ever are using them to do interesting things. because the tools needed to do interesting things grow ever more obscure. So, here's a place where that's less true.


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Just send me an email with your desired username, and I'll set up your account and send you all the details. It's just me running things, so it may take a few days, but that's kind of the beauty of what we're doing here. We're real people, building software for other people.

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